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Happeno is one of the most exciting ways to buy and sell goods and services on the internet. It's a website where individuals and businesses can buy or sell new or second-hand items, from books and clothes to cars and holidays. Sellers only pay 3% in fee per sale.

First of all, we want to thank you with our whole heart that you have become a member of Happeno. It means the world to us to have you as a member of our marketplace. We created Happeno with one goal, to change the world for the better. We hope to become one of the biggest marketplaces one day so that we can use the position it has placed us in, to change the lives of people. To make great things happen in our daily life. For you. And for everyone.

We want to thank each one of you who is sharing our website on social media. We are nothing without you. For every time you share our website, we get one step closer to making our goal happen. We promise to be the company that's not like any other company. We promise to value each one of you, to work hard for you, to listen to your suggestions, and to work together with you to make great things happen.

Happeno will become one of the biggest marketplaces in the next years. It will happen and we fight to make it happen. We will continue with our low fees and to make a marketplace where everyone is included. A marketplace that connects people from all around the world. A marketplace where we can find great products and a huge selection of products.

We believe that with hard work and a smile, anything can happen. Let's make it happen together. If you have any feedback, tips or suggestions: Please send us an email to We reply to each email and appreciate your help. Once again, we thank you and we're happy to have you on our marketplace.

Happeno Headquarters
Hjellestadveien 256B
5259 Hjellestad
Bergen, Norway

Organization number: 918849610