EBooks: SmartPhone Advertising + 4 EBooks Bundle

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EBooks: SmartPhone Advertising + 4 EBooks Bundle

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1.) SmartPhone Advertising

This book will offer ideas and suggestions, as well as give you case studies about how these advertising methods have already been proven in the marketplace. You’ll probably be surprised at how many companies are already catering to the wireless user, offering ads on frequently visited websites and sending coupons via text messaging.
There’s a lot of food for thought in the coming pages. It’s all designed to make you think about advertising your business in a very different way. It is our hope that these ideas and suggestions make your business successful and prepare it for the future of advertising in wireless technology.

2.) Boredom Busters: Ideas To Create Fun Projects And Powerful Inspiration To Prevent Boredom

Are you blasé about your work, your relationship, or your life in general? Boredom is a complex process. There are lots of reasons that one may be bored. The most common one is that you've no idea what to do.
Boredom gets to be a great concern once it results in procrastination, indecision and feeling listless and tired out. Get this ebook to have a few ideas on how to defeat boredom.

3.) Stop Self-Defeating Behaviours in 5 Steps

Self-Defeating Behaviour (SDB) is about setting yourself up for failure with or without your own knowledge. You might ask yourself “Why do I do this? Is there something wrong with me?” Well to keep things short and sweet, you were wired that way; something in your past has caused you to react to certain situations the way you do. Find out how you need to rewire yourself to get rid of all this negative behavior.

4.) Web Traffic Flood: Essential Methods For Generating All The Traffic You Need

In the world of Internet Marketing, the old adage, “If you build it, they will come” is not true, even though it would be a lot easier on all of us if it was! Traffic generation is the lifeblood of any Internet business, and this ebook will cover some basic low-cost methods to help get you started.

5.) Team Training: How To Build Powerful Corporate Teams That Win

The mere gathering of a group of people does not necessarily constitute to the effective beginnings of a team training exercise that is going to be productive and successful. Several different aspects need to be taken into careful consideration before such an exercise even begins. This ebook will show you how.

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